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   Orange Mum- photo copyrighted by S. Char Pavlik.  All Rights Reserved. 2007

Angelspring Farm Wellness Retreat
789 Brownsville Road
Fayette City, PA 15438-1115

Phone 724.938.2301
E-Mail: angelspring789@yahoo.com

Angelspring Pond- photo by S. Char Pavlik.  Copyright 2007.  All Rights Reserved.


Orange Mum- photo copyrighted by S. Char Pavlik.  All Rights Reserved. 2007



  We are closed for onsite retreats

  until April 1, 2016, but we are 

  taking reservations for 2016 now.

   From Nov. 1, 2015- April 1, 2016  

   we offer most of the Angelspring a

   la Carte services (listed on the 

   Retreats page)as part of a day

visit or phone session only.

   If you are interested in these

   services, give us a call at



   Looking for a meaningful 

   retreat experience?

  You've come to the right place~


   Need a place to get some help in 

   turning your life around?

   You've come to the right place~

  Check out the relaxing atmosphere

  and all-around good vibes that 

  Angelspring has to offer. . .

   Take the Angelspring Tour (next

   page) to see how we look, then

   check out the Retreat page to

   see how you might like to 

   retreat into the next best

   moment in your life...

Do you need a sheltering place?

Your memories of sheltering places may take you to a retreat house like Subiaco, or perhaps to your childhood. Our preparations create these sheltering places. Every childhood has them.  Even children who are neglected or abused find sheltering places.  Most of us don't have childhoods with such extreme need for shelter. Instead, we have memories of rain falling on the roof of the porch, and we remember how safe and dry it felt there. Or, we remember the day the wind straight-lined across the woods and the only cover we could find was under the stairs, where Mom read a book and we sang while the wind roared. Those are the kind of shelters that hold you during difficult times, long after the storm has passed.


From Radical Hospitality by   Lonnie Collins Pratt with Daniel

Homan OSB


Might Angelspring be your sheltering place ?   


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